What Is Trending In Audio Conferencing?

What are the diffrences

Conferencing for mutually collaborating or discussing ideas has been a practice for decades in the industries and the corporate sectors. Audio/ Video conferencing has evolved to a great extent that it is now looked upon as a medium to effectively collaborate from various locations and connecting people across the globe. The path of the growth that the audio conferencing technology has witnessed will leave the people awestruck and the rise is still rapidly high!
Audio Conferencing Equipment has also matured to highly advanced models that eliminate glitches, transmit effectively without lags or data loss and can be contained in spaces/rooms without cluttering. The standards of performance that the equipment adheres to are far superior to what they were a decade back. Several brands are ruling the audio conferencing market and the conference room AV solutions are a package that is widely bought or hired by corporates and several other industries.

Trending in Audio Conferencing

With advancements in the audio conferencing industry, the following trends are typically observed in recent times.

  • Good Audio Quality–

    Superior audio quality is an enhancement that makes specific audio conferencing equipment to be in demand. It is important that the quality is not compromised while the audio transmission across the globe is done.
  • Automated Reservation less –

    Dedicated access numbers and pin codes are the trend of today to collaborate anytime without any prior reservation. Add-on facilities include recording, play-back and toll-free for international participants.
  • Going Digital –

    Digital audio conferencing equipment makes life easier for collaborators with touchscreen, language interpretation facilities, portability and multi-delegates support.
  • Operator Assisted Conference Call –

    Managing and executing a conference call with prior reservations, greeting by an operator while the delegates join, with several other features like recording, transcription, and Q&A are all possible with an operator-assisted conference call
  • International Presence –

    Support to all global delegates are extended through toll-free dial-ins or through local numbers of their own country in an audio conferencing
  • Integrated conferencing –

    Facility to integrate audio conferencing with video or screen sharing options are an evolving trend in connecting global crowd
  • Rich User Experience –

    Dial in services on audio conferencing equipment and in integrated conferencing provide rich user experience for the users these days

Which is right for you?

While you are confused between which mode of conference to choose, the best way to narrow down on a decision will be to ponder over the below major facts –

  • Do you want an interactive session or is it just going to be more of a knowledge sharing platform? If you choose the first, then video conference is the answer.
  • Do you need to collaborate and brainstorm on the points of discussion? If yes, then opt for video conference. If you do not require a lot of inputs in the session, then a web conference is the ideal option.
  • Cost is the last factor to keep in mind. The web conference will bring in economic costing. If budget is not a constraint then you can choose to opt for a video conferencing as well.

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