Understanding the Importance of Audio Video System in Teaching and Learning

//Understanding the Importance of Audio Video System in Teaching and Learning

Understanding the Importance of Audio Video System in Teaching and Learning

Aren’t we witnessing the use of digital systems in the field of teaching and learning? Are we convinced that they are aiding the overall education? Yes, indeed it is. From the usage of TVs and smaller displays in classrooms for showing educational videos, the use of competent AV systems is witnessed in the schools. The increase in usage is certainly because the education sector understands the importance of AV system for motivating children to learn faster.

  • Learning ability is improved when learned through visuals and sounds.
  • Exposes the children to the technical advancements.
  • Smallest and farthest of information is made easily available through these audio-visual aids.

Advantages of Audio-Visual Media in Teaching and Learning

When we are convinced about the importance of audiovisual in education, it is easier and meaningful to look through the benefits we get through the same. Here’s presenting some of the key points that are an advantage of audio-visual teaching.

  • Learning More Convenient and Easier: Learning is expanding with the advent of AV systems and it is becoming more convenient and easier for students. Not confined to classrooms and not with fixed timings, learning can be now taken up from the comfort of the student’s homes. Convenient learning happens when students can take up the video materials and attend classes from home with faster internet connectivity. Study circles under the guidance of teachers can meet flexibly and interactive learning is unlimited.
  • More Useful Tools for Information: Equipped: Equipped systems come with additional tools besides the audio-visual aids. Smartboards that can be simultaneously used for highlighting from the specific presented content. Concurrent usage of a board (the tool) along with video content is now possible and Smartboards are now interactive in nature. Additional conferencing tools that can facilitate meetings or presentations to be screened for students from remote locations are also possible in the sharing of information.
  • Keep Studies Entertaining: Isn’t it an undeniable fact that audiovisuals are entertaining when watched? The students of today prefer education that is delivered in an entertaining form – teachers love it too! Cartoons for smaller children and short videos/ films are now an effective means to impart knowledge. Entertainment also facilitates the learning to be equally enjoyable and full of fun. The audiovisual systems in the classroom can help stream online videos to the students very effectively.
  • Better Presentation: The greatest advantage that students and teachers enjoy is the ability to view and present content. Customized big screens to collaborate with larger student audience or even the ability to project 3-D content (especially for science sessions) are creating breakthroughs in the area of presenting learning materials to the students. Individual classrooms themselves are becoming the creative medium compared to the dingy old ones that are too monotonous to handle.
  • Safety & Security: The complete installation of the audiovisual systems can be handled very safely without occupying a lot of space. The compactness of the system is such that it can be retracted and kept within the ceiling. This prevents it from being damaged or tampered by the students. It also becomes safer for the teachers to handle and doesn’t cause health hazards!
    Data Communication: It also allows data communication; they help in easing out lot of complex business problems of communication through audios and visuals.

Synkomtech’s Audio Video Systems in Bangalore

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