We, at SYNKOM Technologies Private Limited, provide service to our customers round the clock.We undertake all kinds of AMC contracts, for audio conferencing systems, video conferencing systems, LCD/DLP projectors, Board Room Solutions and/or Control Systems. Our main motto is to provide our esteemed customers complete value for money. Every product sold by us comes under a warranty period and any defects are treated as a part of the AMC agreements.

Audio Video System Integration (AVSI)

In today’s board room where you have multiple gadgets installed, it is very difficult to manage and control and we at SYNKOM Tech make it simpler by introducing centralized control system and programing all the installed gadgets on to you Phone or on a dedicated Touch Panel.

Conference & Boardroom solutions

Restaurant & Bars


Schools and colleges


Most organizations have incorporated multiple audio video equipment. We offer Annual Maintenance Contract for a hassle-free experience and peace of mind. Sign up with us for an AMC and be rest assured of a more than satisfactory performance.

Rentals & Events

SYNKOM provides AUDIO/VIDEO CONFERENCING rooms on rents and has also organized events like TELEMEDICINE, DISTANCE LEARNING, and CORPORATE WEB CONFERENCES and many more…

It is the constant endeavor of SYNKOM Technologies Pvt. Ltd to provide India with audio-video conferencing solutions since 1998. In an attempt to improve quality conferencing communication in India, we at Millennium, have heavily invested in the conferencing systems rental facilities in our organization as well as our services

Audio Conferencing

All types of Polycom Systems available on rent. (SS II VTX 1000)

Video Conferencing

All types of Polycom Systems available on rent. (SD & HD).All types of Conferencing Systems available on rent (Polycom / Lifesize / Cisco)

Rental Service

For organizations which do not have space or budget bandwidths to carry out conferences on their premises, we offer the use of our conference and meeting rooms. We also make it possible for you to rent or lease our extensive audio-video conferencing systems so that you may carry out your conference from your office.

Event Service

As the physical distances continue to increase in miles, technology comes through in the form of web conferencing solutions to bridge the yawning gap. A personal visit or a face to face interaction is not always possible owing to multiple factors. A web conference proves to be an ideal solution in every such scenario. Some of the fields which have benefited from the impact of web conferencing solutions are:

Tele Medicine

Although technology cannot take the place of a visit to the family doctor, web and video conferencing are emerging as powerful components in telemedicine and telehealth initiatives worldwide. The integration of video conferencing into these programs has been able to help many patients and has enabled doctors to communicate with specialists in order to make critical diagnoses faster. We at SYNKOM Tech are actively involved with most of the doctors in India.

Distance Learning

Online courses are quickly replacing actual classrooms. Online courses are flexible and make it possible to teach a large number of students without constrictions. Web conferencing solutions make it possible for the student to interact with their teachers, irrespective of the distances and to avail online distance learning programs while getting the look and feel of a real live classroom. Distance learning solutions available on various platforms such as:
Web-based VoIP, Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Direct-broadcast Satellite, Internet Radio, Live streaming

Corporate Web Conferences

In a 6×12 routine, it has become difficult to keep up with the frantic pace of life. With SYNKOM Tech’s conferencing solutions, you get services that improve your communication with clients and co-workers so you can be more efficient. From holding a simple conference call at a moment’s notice to collaborating on briefs and contracts to recording and transcribing depositions, we offer everything you need to streamline project workflows and eliminate time constraints. To foster employee development, we also provide services that let you conduct remote training and continuing education to the members of your firm.

By using SYNKOM Tech’s audio, web, and video conferencing solutions, you save time, increase productivity and enable collaboration from anywhere at any time.

Courtroom & Legal Conferencing

When you are working with attorneys, co-counsel or subject matter experts, being able to meet with anyone at any time, no matter where they are in the world, is critical to collecting information and completing a case. You could bring everyone together for on-site meetings, but that can be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. Instead, you can collaborate on casework, review contracts, and brief attorneys online and over the phone, enabling you to work more efficiently and effectively.
Even when it comes to legal matters, our audio, video and web conferencing solutions prove to be a valuable asset, cutting down the time invested in organizing and attending meetings. It helps you immensely when it comes to collaborating the casework and increasing the efficiency of the task force