How to improve the Best Audio Quality on a Conference Call?

How to improve

Is there any doubt in the fact that these days’ businesses are spreading far and wide and companies are not hesitating to grow in terms of their operational heads to different locations – be it within India or outside the country? Thankfully, technology has brought in a lot of ease and convenience to such operations.

Imagine a business needs to have more than 2 people over a call – is it possible? Yes! Imagine if a business meeting requires people from different locations to be on the same call – is this possible? Yes! These two and more of similar situations are now possible, all thanks to Audio Conferencing Services.

What Is Audio Conferencing?

In simple terms, the audio conference is the ability to use a single phone to connect multiple participants. There are multiple lines that connect numerous users on a single phone call.

This type of conference can accommodate a large number of people from various locations. If graphics and images need to be added as part of this call, it can be done with the help of few extra equipments.

As a host or a participant, when you need to connect to an audio call, all you need to do is dial in through the number that you get along with the invitation to the audio call. You can choose to use your company’s internal mode of calling or can use your mobile phone too, provided you use the right country codes and prefixes. Usually, these calls have their own conference ID, which directs you to the right calls.

How to Improve Audio Conference Quality

While Audio conference is a great way to connect with multiple people in different locations, you need to make sure that you are using the right techniques to get the best quality of the call. To be able to do so, keep the below quick tips in mind -

  • Choose a quality provider: When you are choosing a third party vendor to provide you with the audio call service, make sure you choose a reliable service provider.
  • Utilize Your Mute Button: When you are not on the speaker, try to stick with the mute option. This way you will be able to listen and eliminate all external noises from your end. This will enable the audio quality.
  • Consider Your Connection: If you think there is a problem with the audio, check your internet connection because the quality of the call highly depends on your internet connection.
  • Control your environment: Try to sit in a silent environment while taking all sorts of audio conferences.
  • Keep hands idle: Small movements make a big impact in audio conferences. So, try to keep your hands idle – not even typing.
  • Stop the echo and use a headset: when you use a headset, the echo becomes less as you are not doubling up your own voice.

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