Everything You Wanted to Know About Video Wall System

What are the diffrences

Is there any limit to what technology can bring in today? How about using the wall to its best technological use in the form of image display? That is what a video wall does – it brings in all the photos in the form of videos on a large wall. It is an electronic display and does not require a great set up as such, but it surely does need a little background setup before hand. Its components are:

  • A video wall display: This is the most basic component required. It needs a wall that has high resolution for display.
  • Video wall controller: You need to connect your systems and equipment’s with this and once connected, it can be used to control the displays.
  • Video Wall Software: In order to be able to sync your devices with the video wall system, you need to download and install this software in your phone or device.

Benefits of Video Wall Systems

Wondering why should you invest in this system of video wall? Well, read on further to understand the benefits:

  • Higher Content Quality: This system offers the best content quality all thanks to the HD quality that it brings in. You can also adjust the quality based on the clarity of images and videos you have.
  • Durable & Flexibility: The system is quite flexible and can be moved from one place to another. The system is made of high quality inner products and hence, they usually tend to have quite a long life.
  • Great with Interactivity: When it comes to interactions, it has great content and quality and you can sync your device and play almost everything through this awesome video wall system.
  • Useful for Any Industry: Be it any industry, from healthcare to education, Government to entertainment, this system has been a great boon as it can be used for all purposes – there is no restriction in where and how to use. If you have all the components in place, you are all set to use it anywhere and everywhere.
  • Full-Screen Visuals: There is no doubt in the fact that this system has amazing visuals and it displays full screen display, enhancing the quality of the image and video automatically. It also doubles up the joy of watching on such full screens.
  • Data Communication: It also allows data communication; they help in easing out lot of complex business problems of communication through audios and visuals.

Synkomtech's Video Wall Solutions in India

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