Choose AV Services for Your Corporate Event

//Choose AV Services for Your Corporate Event

Choose AV Services for Your Corporate Event

For Corporate Audio Visual Solutions, we have cutting-edge audio, video, lighting and staging solutions for events, primarily aimed at corporate events.
If you are the one wondering which is the audiovisual company near me? Well, we have a smart solution for your question. Synkom Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has the best corporate AV. It also provides AV rental services for corporate events. You can always rely upon SYNKOMTECH for corporate audio visual solutions. We have worked in convention centers, concert halls, tents, warehouses, office building foyers, racetracks, and any other place you can put a speaker, stage, or flat screen. We can transform any space, and provide scalable solutions for a wide degree of budgets.

Our Audio Visual Services for Corporate Events

  • Audio & Video Conferencing:
    SYNKOMTECH provides the best solutions for audio and video conferencing with a cost-effective approach. The fast-paced modern framework requires the employees to go beyond the boardroom meetings and hold their heads high over the global footmark of their presence.
    Synkomtech provides HD video conferencing, accessories, connection via touchscreen conference room phones, and cloud-based video collaboration platforms for corporate customers. Our company provides plug-and-play HD cameras and phones, which integrate with cloud-based conferencing software.
  • Web conferencing:
    Web Conferencing offers you with the opportunity of hosting and attending a business meeting with the use of just computer and internet service.
    conferencing to conduct meetings with their employees when all of them can’t be physically present in one location. The business also exploits this opportunity to hold external meetings with their clients who are far away from them. This is by far the best example of Globalization.
    Some of the salient features of Web Conferencing are:
  • Live to stream:
    Corporate companies are using Live streaming technology to broadcast activities like employee training, new product demonstration, public announcements and board meetings. SYNKOMTECH promises you to achieve these goals in the most cost-effective and time-saving approach. We promise you buffer-free streaming at a full HD quality so that you don’t have to compromise on your work.
    Corporate have entirely different needs than individuals and small businesses. They can not rely on facebook live or Youtube for their work to be done effectively as they are not made keeping the corporate system in mind. They are more of a uni-sided approach to mass media.
    It saves on travel cost and time
    It eliminates GEOGRAPHIC BARRIERS.
    It increases work efficiency.
    It increases participation and engagement of the employees with their respective clients.
    It helps make the work more flexible.
    It helps in expanding the business across borders without any hassles.
  • Other considerations for live streaming company events:
    This brings us to one of the most important aspects of live-streaming i.e. Adaptive Bitrate Streaming(ABS). Adaptive Bitrate Streaming refers to the process of delivering the live stream to all the people accessing it in a variety of quality settings, so that, even if they are on a slower connection, say a dial-up network, they can be a part of the live stream on a lower bit rate.
  • Corporate Web Conference:
    In the today’s corporate life that runs 24-hours a day without any halt, it becomes difficult with the frantic pace of life. With SYNKOMTech’s conferencing solutions, you get services that improve your communication with clients and co-workers so you can be more efficient. We offer all the solutions that you need to streamline your work keeping in mind the time constraints.From holding a simple conference call to organizing meetings, seminars and all others events where AV services are required.

Work with Us for Corporate Audio Visual Services in Pune

SYNKOM Tech specializes in providing the following products:

  • Audio Conferencing Systems
  • Video Conferencing Systems
  • Conferencing Infrastructure
  • Display Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Other Conferencing Accessories

Through this, our customers will be provided with different types of:

  • Audio Conferencing Systems
  • Video Conferencing Systems
  • LCD/DLP projectors
  • Board Room System
  • Control Systems
  • Rentals/Events
  • AMC

To know more of what can do for you, give us a call, mail us or perhaps even directly visit our Corporate office. The entire team of SYNKOM Technologies will love to hear more from you.

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