How It Began?

Millennium Conferencing Systems Pvt. Ltd., (Milconsys) has been a leading provider of audio and video solutions ever since 1998. With headquarters in India, the Company has achieved a spectacular growth in connecting people from all across the world through its audio and video solutions. From a small start in its early years, Milconsys has now grown to be a recognizable brand name in every domestic as well as professional organization across the region.

Our extensive range of communication options ensure that correspondence always remains smooth and free from any kind of unpredictable patterns of traffic and distances. We have delivered our services in the cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. The advanced audio-video conferencing technology has given many Indian as well as global organizations the advantage of uninterrupted efficiency and problem free functioning.

Millennium Conferencing Systems is headed by an experienced leadership and a team of highly skilled members to ensure the delivery of advanced audio and video conferencing systems. We leverage the use of latest technology as well as our own innovative measures to deliver communication products as well as services facilitating the transfer of audio and video signals in the most accurate manner. In addition to this, we have rented services to various MNC companies

This had led to some of the biggest giants in the industry trusting our brand name and our services. Be it medicine and the health Industry or the fast booming corporate sector; more and more industries are relying on the successful implementation of audio and video conferencing solutions provided by Millennium Conferencing Systems to boost the speed of communication and further deliver efficient services catering to their needs.

Our New Identity

The world is evolving fast and every business needs to change with it. New technologies and modern collection of boardroom with high definition screen as new trends enter into the realm every single day and we at Millennium Conferencing Systems recognize their importance. Hence, the Company has cleansed the dust resting on it for decades and has taken a completely new brand-name. We are now SYNKOM Technologies- “Syncing the use of technology with the infinite uses of communication”.

Nevertheless, our core values will remain the same. Milconsys now rebranded as SYNKOM Tech assures the deliverance of high quality audio and video conferencing solutions that pass data accurately in any environment and will be resistant to withering factors of wear and tear. We aim to play a larger role in shrinking the size of the globe and people from distant parts together as a single family.

The team of SYNKOM Tech still strives to provide globally branded audio and video communication systems to different companies in the market, retaining their original quality and yet offering them at competitive prices. The company assures all its partners, clients and customers of adhering to highly effective standards of performance that has earned us a solid reputation in these past two decades.

Our Core Products And Services:

SYNKOM Tech specializes in providing the following products:

  • Audio Conferencing Systems
  • Video Conferencing Systems
  • Conferencing Infrastructure
  • Display Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Other Conferencing Accessories

The target audience of SYNKOM Tech includes commercial organizations, educational institutions and event management firms who constantly utilize different audio as well as video conferencing systems. We only provide products of branded international giants, as SYNKOM Tech gives a massive focus on the maintenance of quality in all its products and services. We also offer these products on a rental basis to our interested customers.

In alignment with our new name and motto, SYNKOM Technologies believes in the synchronization of the latest technologies along with innovative communication strategies to bring different parts of the world together. Hence, we make it easier for our customers wherein they can hire our services on the basis of Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC), in which interested parties can enjoy all our services for a single charge annually.

Through this, our customers will be provided with different types of:

  • Audio Conferencing Systems
  • Video Conferencing Systems
  • LCD/DLP projectors
  • Board Room System
  • Control Systems
  • Rentals/Events
  • AMC

To know more of what can do for you, give us a call, mail us or perhaps even directly visit our Corporate office. The entire team of SYNKOM Technologies will love to hear more from you.