What Are the Different Types of Audio Visual Equipment?

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There are primarily two broader categories in the Audio Visual Equipment depending on the purpose for which it has been used. The below mentioned categories have sub types of AV devices in them -

  • Residential Audio Visual
  • Commercial Audio Visual

Different Types of Audio Visual Aids:

Under the two major categories, we can segregate several other types of audio equipment. A brief overview on each type is listed against the commercial types of AV.

  • Residential Audio Visual :

    Some of the examples of audio visual equipment in this type of Audio Visual Aids are – In roof Speakers, LED movie floors and projectors.
  • Commercial Audio Visual :

    • LCD Projectors :

      Portable and lightweight LCD projectors are the trending equipment in the Commercial types of audio equipment. They can be easily plugged with almost all types of computers.
    • Digital Video Camera :

      These cameras have the flexibility to present the videos that are shot and edited in a short span. Transferring of the captured video content to computers are easily done too.
    • Overhead projectors :

      Comparatively a cheaper option when evaluating the means to project larger sized content to a wider audience at long distances. The screen size and surface is never a limitation here as long as it is white.
    • Computer Based Displays :

      A sophisticated mechanism that permits good quality display with the aid of a desktop or a laptop. One enjoys the privilege to have sound along with the presented information.
    • Audio Equipment :

      A crucial part of every AV device is the audio equipment. Most presentations do not limit to just viewable content but the voice of the presenter has to reach to the audience through a well formulated arrangement. The various types of audio equipment such as amplifiers, speakers, etc. are enabling better performance.
    • Video Wall :

      Provides a great sensory feel to the viewer with the flexible arrangement that can be performed to project the content. This arrangement is widely sought by corporates for technical/ business expos.
    • Additional Equipment :

      Many supporting devices come into play with the flexibility of broadcasting and recording of the presentation. Sophisticated podiums with microphones, and all support accessories provide the additional equipment under the audio visual aids examples

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