How telemedicine is changing the healthcare industry

What are the diffrences

Health care has always been a priority because it comes, without an invitation and any delay in these services can risk a life of a human. With improving technology, health care has also seen a major rise in usage of equipment and medications. Diseases that could not be cured in olden ages, today have a fixation. One such advancement in this sector is that of the telemedicine.

All thanks to Telemedicine, today, medical service providers are able to reach out to patients through digital forms including phone, emails, and webcam. Apart from using this advancement as a medium to reach out to patients, doctors are using it to get in touch with other doctors in order to take expert advice or second opinion on treatment and medication. It has been reported that, from the time of telemedicine improvement, there has been almost 35% decrease in average length of stay in hospitals for patients and about 30% fewer deaths.

Four ways telemedicine is changing the healthcare industry

Telemedicine has indeed come in as a boon for all the parties involved in this sector – be it patients, doctors or pharmacies. Below are the top four ways telemedicine is changing the healthcare industry.

  • Productivity

    It is helping the doctors to increase their productivity by providing treatment solutions on the go. They can either refer the World Wide Web for all their doubts or they can reach out to other doctors on the go, to cross-check on anything and everything. Thus, this has helped them to reduce the time they are spending on each patient, increasing the overall productivity.
  • Convenience

    Does this need any further explanation? If the patients are not able to walk down to the hospital, no worries, use telemedicine. They can reach out to the doctors either visa a phone call and have a discussion, or they can use webcams to have a live video appointment with the doctor. All thanks to this, now, you can reach out to a doctor from another country as well. It implies the same for doctors as well. If they wish to connect with a doctor who is not living in the same city as they are, telemedicine will help to eliminate the distance.
  • Affordability

    You do not need a lot of bucks to spend on telemedicine. A phone and a high-speed internet are going to solve all your problems. With time matching that of each other’s, you can use this awesome telemedicine facility whenever you want to, at affordable costs.
  • Control

    You have total control of this. Dial in when you want, based on the doctor’s availability and you are good to go. The call is in your hand and you have total control of it. Similarly, the doctors have a say in it and can call into their patients, when they feel the need.

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