What are the differences between web conferencing and video conferencing?

What are the diffrences

There is no doubt in the fact that the world is becoming virtually closer. With almost everything possible through the internet, big and small companies are leaving no stone unturned to make the best use of this technology. Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing have become the most outrageous activities today, especially in Goa.

What is Video Conferencing?

What is Video Conferencing? This type of conference is high quality enabled and requires an exclusive setup to be done. The organizer and participant, both need to have a separate TV, a camera and a phone to be able to have an active video conference. Once you have this, you can dial in the number and both the parties can see each other on the TV screen.

What is Web Conferencing?

Unlike Video conference, the latter is more economical and requires just a laptop/computer and a webcam with a working internet connection. Webcasts and webinars are two common forms of this type of conference.

Web Conferencing vs Video Conferencing

  • Real time audio and video meeting:

    This aspect is duly present in a video conference, where as a web conference fails to provide a real time live audio and video connection.
  • Equipment’s:

    A video conferencing requires a special setup and more equipment. Failure of any one leads to a massive failure of the whole live conference. Whereas, a web conference require only few equipments.
  • Personalized Touch:

    Since a video conference provides a real time video along with the audio, it is considered to bring in more of a personalized touch than the web conference option. You can see the person, irrespective of their location and thus the meeting becomes more effective.

Which is right for you?

While you are confused between which mode of conference to choose, the best way to narrow down on a decision will be to ponder over the below major facts –

  • Do you want an interactive session or is it just going to be more of a knowledge sharing platform? If you choose the first, then video conference is the answer.
  • Do you need to collaborate and brainstorm on the points of discussion? If yes, then opt for video conference. If you do not require a lot of inputs in the session, then a web conference is the ideal option.
  • Cost is the last factor to keep in mind. The web conference will bring in economic costing. If budget is not a constraint then you can choose to opt for a video conferencing as well.

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