What Audio Visual Rental Companies Do in Mumbai?

Audio Visual Rental

You are an entrepreneur in Mumbai and need to organize a corporate event that would be visited by thousands of guests, including some high profile members of the city. This event is definitely going to be covered on television. So, shouldn’t the lighting, sounds and visual atmosphere of the event be extraordinarily special? For this, you need the services of an Audio Video (AV) Rental Services company in Mumbai.

An audio video rental company delivers customized audio visual services to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations. Its services may include large screen 4K+ projection, HD cameras, graphics switching, 3D mapping, webcasting, sound reinforcement and everything technical you might need for live events of all types.

Events Covered By Audio and Video Rental Companies in Mumbai

  • 1. Prime Conferences :

    Keynote speakers, breakout sessions small and large, sponsor symposia, multiple presenters and dozens or even hundreds of presentations, meetings and conferences present unique challenges that require a special balance of experience, flexibility as well as temperament to keep everything running smoothly. A professional AV rental company takes care of all these.

  • 2. Sound Reinforcement :

    Every word at a comfortable volume – this aspect is taken care of by an AV rental solution company. It labours over microphone placement and speaker style for the audience to absorb your presenter’s message without getting distracted by missed words, up-cuts or feedback.

  • 3. Special Events :

    You will be provided with the latest in audio visual technologies, including 3D projection mapping and multi-channel HD / 4K+ media servers. Using a custom networked presentation management system, these AV rental companies will check, test and distribute every presentation to the appropriate screen that it is intended for. The screen projections include tripod screens to massive 100’ wide (5000+ pixels) projection surfaces, 3D mapping and everything in between.

Advantages Of Hiring An Audio Video Rental Company in Mumbai

  • 1. Save Some Money! :

    In terms of spending, purchasing lighting, audio and visual equipment can come at a high cost. This is why renting proves to be the best decision when it comes down to acquiring equipment. Rental AV equipment allows you to use high-end gear of all sizes for a limited-time low cost. Essentially, you get to use the industry’s best equipment while spending a fraction of the price of their original costs. We see this as one of the more critical factors due to the fact that it enables you to spend money on other areas of the event.

  • 2. Transportation :

    Having the proper equipment is just the first step in hosting a successful event. What comes next is making sure your equipment arrives at your destination on time and in one-piece. Transporting your equipment should be marked high on your priority list. Late arriving or damaged equipment can result in a delay or even cancellation of the event. Rental equipment typically comes with the proper transportation equipment and is always ready for pick-up.

  • 3. No Maintenance, No Problem :

    One of the main plus points in audio video equipment is being worry-free in terms of the maintenance of the equipment. Maintenance of expensive equipment pieces can run you up a couple hundred or even thousands of dollars in additional fees. When renting, the lending company handles all the maintenance of their equipment which ensures top-notch quality. Overall, hiring the services of an AV rentals company in Mumbai, simply eliminates any inconveniences that may come your way when hosting an event.