In today's board room where you have multiple gadgets installed, it is very difficult to manage and control and we at SYNKOMTech make it simpler by introducing centralized control system and programing all the installed gadgets on to you Phone or on a dedicated Touch Panel.

If you are a growing organization based in Pune, you are bound to either purchase or search for some excellent Audio Video rentals or AV rentals in Pune. At SYNKOMTech Conferencing, we understand that an ever increasing organization has pressing demands on its budget.

This might make it difficult for a business or an organization to make an immediate investment in a more permanent and long lasting conferencing solution.

With this thought in mind, we lease and rent out audio visual systems in Pune. You can now avail our extensive audio video systems at extremely affordable rates. Our rental services extend the benefit of our technical support team to ease your conferencing needs. Most AV rentals companies in Pune provide you with just the equipment and do not lend technical support when it comes to installation and proper functioning of the rented/leased equipment. At SYNKOMTech, we value our customers’ individual requirement; that’s why we always strive to provide end to end services; right from the successful installation of our machinery to explaining the intricacies and technicalities involved in the functioning of the audio visual equipment.

The rental plans at SYNKOMTech are designed to suit the needs of your organization. Depending on the type of audio visual systems you need, you can opt for a tailor made plan which works best for you. Since 1998, SYNKOMTech endeavors to provide its clients’ with effective and efficient communication solutions have paid off, as our clients’ good wishes speak for our success rate.

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