7 Must-Know Video Conferencing Statistics

What are the diffrences

Video Conferencing: What Does It Mean?

In the era where the world has become a global village of emerging technologies, Video conferencing refers to the process of conducting meetings over long or short distances through video and audio transmissions. Yes, it is easily possible for you to conduct distant meetings with the help of Video conferencing equipment. You can even have rental video conference in Surat. It sounds interesting because arranging a setup for a meeting can be expensive at times so you can opt for the audio visual rental services in Surat. There are many service providers that provide you with great services and facilities and a conference room for AV solutions. This technology is a boon for the society because we really need to make a good relation with our peer groups. So, what can be better if you can have facilities that will connect you to even the far most people with the help of some basic video conferencing equipment.

7 Facts of Video Conferencing Statistics

  • In-Person Communication

    You may sometimes need face to face conversation but that too is not possible all the time due to the distance so Video conferencing makes it easy for you to do face to face meeting.
  • Effective Alternative To Inability To Meet In Person

    Video conferencing is the best and effective alternative to your in-person meetings. Yes, 58% people agree to the fact that video conferencing is the most effective alternative in the case of inability to meet in person.
  • Elimination The Need To Travel

    The best part of video conferencing service is that it really eliminates the need for travel. 95% professionals believe that this helped them to do face to face meetings without traveling.
  • Complements The Smart Phones Technology

    In the year of 2016, 70% video calls were made from smartphones so, the video conferencing compliments the technology of smartphones. It means that you don't even need the entire setup, you can do a video call at anytime, from anywhere to everywhere with the help of your smartphones.
  • Increased Connectivity

    87% of professionals say that today they feel more connected and engaged with their peers and colleagues, as the video conferencing has increased the connectivity even to the remote areas.
  • Operate Your Work From Anywhere

    94% people believe that now they feel freer while working because they can operate their work from anywhere.
  • Screen Sharing: Better Form Of Content

    65% of individuals believe that video conferencing is the best option of screen and content sharing. Screen sharing process through video conferencing actually makes the work a bit easier.

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